Tampa Bay Skating Academy

Filters Plus has advanced TBSA in their efforts to become a Green Facility. We have allowed them to stop using Potable water for ice making and Evaporative Condenser Operation using the WCTI Technology.  We allowed them to operate their Evaporative Condenser using reclaimed water as makeup instead of potable Municipal water. Reclaim water costs $1.20 per 1000 gallons of water instead of $9.00 for Potable Water; a reduction in cost of over 85%.

Switching to reclaim water saved TBSA $1,191 per month!

According to a water treatment case study, TBSA used to waste almost a gallon of water for every gallon they evaporated. We only use water to evaporate. Saving a total $391 per month on water usage cost. The Process allowed them to use Reclaimed water for the making of ice in the Ice Cats and Zamboni’s. This eliminates 100,000 gallons of potable municipal water. Saving them $794 per month.  Evaporative tube bundle has been freed from built up scale, and has reduced Head pressure by 10 to 15 PSI. Saving $120 per month for running 160 ton compressors for the making of ice. TBSA was paying $240 a month for their Chemical Tower treatment service.

Eliminating all the above expenses saves $2,736 a Month, or $32,832 Annually. Filters Plus operating costs are only $350 a month, or $4200 annually.

TBSA’s net savings are $28,632 annually.

Install costs were:

Equipment: $12,600

Mechanical: $19,311 (Storage Tank; Install reclaim line)

Installation: $10,000

Total $41,911

Receiving a return on their investment in 1.46 years or 17 months!

Salt expense is the same as with the old softener used for Ice Making only, because WCTI operates at 4lb of salt per cubic foot of resin versus the 10lb per cubic foot of the old softener. Their costs are fixed with Filters Plus while chemical treatment costs go up almost every year.

Chemical Treatment on City Water

The old method of operating towers evaporates 2 gallons of water for every one gallon wasted to blow down (sewage). Chemicals must have dilution to operate. Exceeding chemical treatment capacity results in scale or corrosion, or sometimes both. Even good chemical treatment means unnecessary waste of natural resources.

Cost Summary
Switch from Potable to Reclaim


Switch Condenser to Zero Blow Down


Ice Making from Potable to Reclaim


10-15 PSI reduction Head Pressure


Monthly Chemical Bill


Filters Plus Monthly Fee


Savings Per Month


Savings Per Year


TBSA Reclaim water use and Irrigation water use for the same period, in 1,000’s of gallons