Office Building Case Study


A large national Office Building Management Company made a commitment to becoming an environmental leader with respect to water usage and chemical treatment products. Their commitment to Sustainability pushed them to look for alternatives to their chemical water treatment program.


Filters Plus, working with the Building’s Management Staff and the local water authorities, designed a system that could be used on their 2 Buildings in Tampa. The overall goal was to:

1. Save water
2. Reduce or eliminate chemical use
3. Remove scale deposits throughout the system
4. Efficiently treat 450 tons of cooling


  • WCTI program is saving the Client over 700,000 gallons of both Potable water and sewage charges annually.
  • ROI on the new system was < 22 months to cover the cost of the WCTI equipment and installation.
  • Scale build up was removed on line over a period of 2 months; physically removed 460 lbs of existing scale.
  • Eliminated chemical in blow down to sewage
  • Eliminated all blow down out of the cooling towers.

Added Benefits

  • Ability to remote monitor the treatment program and document water usage on a daily basis.
  • $50,000 in annual Energy Savings due to removal of scale.
  • Additional LEED Points and becoming a better Steward of the Environment!