Why Use Filters Plus?

You Want and Need to Save Costs!

You wouldn’t drive your car to work every day with a hole in your gas tank. You are actually running your Cooling Towers with a hole in the tank! You keep filling it up every day. Stop the leak, quit wasting water.

We change the way you operate your Cooling Towers. We reduce your 30 % to 50 % waste, down to 1% or less. We eliminate all of the chemical additives, and use nature’s own chemistry to efficiently operate the systems. We can also operate your towers on Reclaimed water, recycled water, RO Reject, Condensate recovery, and other forms of process water currently wasted. Six US patents support a green process that uses natural minerals in all source water to provide outstanding corrosion, scale and biological control in cooling tower water, without the use and discharge of toxic chemicals.

There are more critical operating facilities converting to our system, than any other operating method or process in the world. These Facilities are leaving the Chemical Roller Coaster and swinging door for our solid, permanent answer to this age old problem.

We have been in business continuously in Florida for over 26 years. We have specialized in the resolution of industrial solutions to dusts, air quality, specialty filtration, and filtration techniques. We have supported many scientific efforts through NASA, the Department of Defense, US Government Facilities, and others within private industry. Now, we want to help you with your Cooling Towers.

Your Cooling Tower Challenges….and how we work.

Hardness: Alkalinity reacts with calcium and magnesium and tries to form scale. Calcium & magnesium are inversely soluble, and plate out as surface temperatures rise.

TDS: Can be corrosive to metals. When solids are concentrated, they can attack metals in your system. Your tower treatment requires a corrosion inhibitor added to your water.

Biological: Health, corrosion, and heat transfer issues can propagate in tower waters. Your towers require Biological additives to control growth.

Your current treatment approach is based on alkaline calcium chemistry, attempting to keep hardness in solution while operating your Towers at 3 to 5 Cycles of Concentration.

Our system is based on sodium Chemistry. We exchange sodium ions with calcium/magnesium ions, maintaining hardness with soluble salts.

Alkalinity forms sodium carbonate / bicarbonate, while Silica reacts with itself to form Polymerized Silica. Polymerized passive silica in equilibrium with monomer silica creates an amorphous state. A gel seal protection layer prohibits corrosion on metal and non-metal surfaces in our Tower systems.

High Cycles of Concentration (TDS levels) maintains a bio-static water condition, eliminating the need for unwanted Biocide addition and handling.

We run your systems under natural chemistry, and at efficiency levels approaching 1% or less water waste. Our Towers operate at 60 to 150 or more Cycles of Concentration. You waste no water, use no chemicals, and send virtually nothing to sewage. There is not a more “green” method for cooling towers in the world and look forward to providing Sea World with this unique technology.

Just keep this fact in mind; we do not chase the water within your system to attempt to treat it and control it. We transform the water before it enters your cooling tower and deliver a return on your investment.

Filters Plus is your financial and ecological solution!