The Westin

From: Dean Collins
Chief Engineer
The Westin Building
2001 6th Avenue, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98121

In 2005 at the Westin Building, Wesmar Company Inc. was treating our cooling towers with a conventional chemical water treatment program very successfully when they introduced me to a new water reduction, non-chemical treatment program distributed by Wesmar from Water Conservation Technology International. Subsequently the Westin Building installed a WCTI system on our South cooling tower on a trial basis in October of 2005. I am writing to confirm the attributes of the WCTI treatment program as compared to conventional chemical cooling water treatment.

After approximately a two year test period of treating our South tower system, tracking our water reduction, system corrosion levels, microbiological control and tower cleanliness we determined that the WCTI was performing beyond our expectations and decided to convert all of our cooling systems to the WCTI program. The Westin Building installed two more WCTI systems in the fall of 2007 and the last one in the spring of 2008. WCTI truly does eliminate the need for cooling system water bleed and chemical treatment.

We have cleaned and inspected our cooling towers and plate heat exchangers on a regular basis finding no evidence of any microbiological slime or mineral scale in the equipment. The cost of maintaining our cooling systems has decreased due to the cleanliness of the equipment provided by the WCTI treatment program.

At the Westin Building we have 3400 tons of cooling on four different systems. Since October of 2005 we have saved 2,292,000 gallons of bleed water which would have otherwise gone down the drain. This water/sewer cost reduction reflects an actual cost savings of over $35,000 which more than pays for the cost of the monthly service program charged by Wesmar Company Inc. to monitor the WCTI program.

We are currently looking at possibly adding another cooling system to our building and I will be putting this new equipment on a WCTI program. I would like to thank Wesmar for bringing the WCTI technology to the Pacific Northwest market and I am always happy to discuss the benefits of the program.